The Marine Navigators are one of the four hubs of the Scottish Forum of Natural Capital. This hub brings together a range of technical and policy experts from academia, government, eNGOs and consultancies.



To share knowledge of and expertise on marine systems, conservation and management to enhance the collective understanding, development, and application of marine natural capital in Scotland.


Create a network of marine experts to advance marine natural capital and ecosystem service thinking, research and practical implementation in Scotland.
Provide a platform for experts in technical advancement (particularly researchers in academic institutes) and policy development (e.g. Marine Directorate) to communicate and collaborate.
Encourage representatives from projects/programmes with an interest in marine natural capital to:

    • Share knowledge
    • Share updates
    • Highlight most recent scientific findings and best practices (both domestic and international examples)
    • Provide expert advice to Group members
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration
    • Identify knowledge gaps
      • Collaborate on commissioning pieces of work to fill identified gaps
    • Avoid duplication of work
    • Provide a horizon scanning service, particularly with respect to new funding opportunities.
To establish a network of marine natural capital experts that stakeholders could approach for advice.
Update and maintain an online resource of marine natural capital projects in Scotland.


The Marine Natural Capital Navigators hub sits within a suite of networks of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital. Find out more

Our History

The Marine Natural Capital Navigators group was formed in 2022, as an outcome from the Oceans of Value project led by The Scottish Wildlife Trust and is part of the Living Seas Programme. The group was originally called the Marine Natural Capital Navigators Scotland (MNCFS).